How COVID-19 and Continuing Care in Retirement Communties

When it comes to Corona Virus, we are all a little bit perplexed about the fallout. People are being quarantined, and it is known to be a pandemic at this point. Thinking about those in retirement communities, we might all wonder what exactly is going on with them. This article will provide tips on how to allow the retirement communities to get the help that they need at this time:

1. If you Have Relatives There, Then Refrain from Visiting

covid-seniorsAccording to many reports, the elderly are in a high-risk group when it comes to this virus. You have probably felt guilty because you haven’t gone to see them in a while. You might feel that now is the time to check-in. Rest assured, you do not need to go there right now.

If your relatives are semi-independent, then you should call the nurses instead to see if you can drop off any supplies for them. You can call your relatives as well, but make sure that you don’t promise to visit them. Make sure that you let them know that you love them and you will be checking with their attendants to inquire if they are in need of anything.

2. Spread the Word on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that you can leverage to let people know that the elderly should not be forgotten during this time. There are stories of how the elderly in the community are getting pushed out of grocery shopping in a sense. They are more fragile and tend to loom in the background when it comes to grabbing things off the shelves.

People are getting aggressive with their supplies. The best thing that you can do is educate people to look out for the elderly at the shopping centers. You can offer to get their supplies with them and carry them to their cars. In essence, they might need bodyguards. It’s a little bit sad too because they might not know who they can trust. This is why trusted neighbors and friends of the elderly out on the general community need to be calling their loved ones and even elderly acquaintances to see if they need anything.

If you are in a position to just flat out donate to them, then get your friends together and splurge for a gift basket of the necessary supplies they need. They will appreciate a drop off at the door instead of going out.

3. Call Your Local Nursing Home

You can be proactive in this situation, especially in a time like this. Everyone knows that personal care assistants and nurses in these homes are already working hard. They do long shifts and they might never have put an emergency protocol in place for a pandemic. You can call and ask them what they need. The needs of each home might be very different. With the disparate needs comes an opportunity to be a local unsung hero. They might need someone to run errands and you can even arrange for this to be a job for you. They might even be willing to compensate your gas as well as expenses for you to help out so that everything can run smoothly.

4. Get Your Kids Interested

Schools are out and you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained. What better way to do this than to educate them on what is going on with other communities? Your kids probably want to know what exactly is going on with their grandparents too. You can get them involved in brainstorming what they think will help to cheer people up at this time. Remember that being isolated can be a very disparaging experience. Your kids might be missing their friends, but letting them know other people are missing them too at this time will help.


COVID-19 is really affecting retirement communities across the world. If you still have mobility and are not quarantined, consider doing something to help. You might find that you get a welcome reception and it just kicks your family out of the blues. Retirement communities are special to everyone and we should honor our elders by making sure they have everything they could need and want during this time.


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