How to Put Good Bacteria Back into Your Depleted System

In order to restore a healthy digestive balance and get the good bacteria into your system once again you can do the following!

  1. Start eating a well balance diet with no more than one third of your daily calories coming from each category— carbohydrates, protein and fats. Try to substitute beans or lentils for a portion of the meat in your diet.
  2. Make sure you get at least 30 grams of fiber each day from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  3. Eat more monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and avocados.
  4. Avoid sugary foods because they irritate your intestines.
  5. Eat smaller more frequent meals and/or healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and yogurt.
  6. Limit your vitamin C intake to 90 mg a day.
  7. If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics ask him about giving you probiotic supplements to counteract the loss of good bacteria. A probiotic supplement that is sold over the counter is called One A Day TruBiotics and can be bought at Walgreen’s.
  8. If you suffer from dry skin use coconut oil because it will keep it from becoming a yeast infection on your skin. Adding a few tablespoons to your diet is also good because it kills yeast that may get out of control when your system does not have enough good bacteria in it.
  9. Other foods high in good bacteria are apples, Kefir, sauerkraut, sour cream, Miso and cottage cheese, fermented beet juice, and, sugar free chocolate.

Here is where you can buy Kefir grains to make your own Kefir beverage from milk at home. Once you buy the starter you will never have to buy it again because it keeps on making more. You simply take the lumps out of your Kefir milk beverage after it reaches the desired sourness you want and then reuse the starter.

The process is simple you add a Tablespoon of the starter to a quart of milk. Then place a cheese cloth over the jar. Let is set for a day or until it reaches the desired sourness! It tastes a little like butter milk.

My reason for looking into probiotics


The reason for doing research on the subject of probiotics is because I received a phone call from my 93 year old Dad who had a dry skin rash on his leg. He went to the doctor because it was not healing properly! The Doctor took a biopsy to make sure it was not cancer. My Dad has no history of cancer in his family at all. After the biopsy was taken a serious skin infection set in. Now my Dad is on antibiotics!

Dad talked about his dry skin problems so I told him about coconut oil which kills any type of yeast infection on the skin. I know this because I had a yeast infection on my skin and coconut oil was the only thing that would heal it. I have been using coconut oil for 4 years now and no longer have a dry skin problem. I even use it for my hair!!

If my 93 year old Dad would have used the coconut oil, he would never have had to go to the doctor because his dry skin and resulting rash would have healed up fast. He is looking into using coconut oil for his chronic dry skin problem too.

So what does my Dad’s dry skin have to do with probiotics? My Dad had to be put on antibiotics in order to kill the infection on his leg caused by the cut that was made from taking the biopsy. However after taking all those antibiotics, I fear that the good bacteria in his system will be just about gone thus making him vulnerable to any type of yeast or fungal infection. I searched for information on probiotics to help my Dad. Then I thought that perhaps it would be good to share this information to help others.

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