Printed Human Organs Come Another Step Closer

university of sydney

Scientists have been working on 3D printing human organs for transplant for a while now, but a recent breakthrough might’ve brought that reality another step closer.

Researchers at the University of Sydney, led by Dr Luiz Bertassoni, have been working to solve the issue of blood supply to the new organ tissue. And in the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, they’ve published an article saying they might’ve cracked it. Using a bio-printer, they managed to print a mesh of interconnected fibres to serve as a mould, then covered it with a light-cured protein-based material – removing the mould left behind a functioning network of capillaries.

It’s not the final step in this research, and working 3D printed organs that can actually be successfully transplanted into human patients are still a way off, but… they’re looking more likely by the day. So that’s exciting.

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