The James Bond Guide to Senior Care

james bondJames Bond is so cool. Can’t you just hear that restless symphony as Bond paces the screen at the beginning of each movie? He’s smooth under pressure like a shaken-not-stirred-martini. He cruises around in an Aston Martin and has gadgets that would turn Batman green with envy. And that’s not to mention his charm with the world’s most beautiful women!

All of those things are, well, cool. But none of them captures the essence of “Bond, James Bond” coolness.

The thing that makes him so cool is that he knows everything.

  • James, we need you to fly this helicopter. Check.
  • 007, would you mind landing this plane? Why not?
  • Bond, would you please ski down a mountain while translating the Dead Sea Scrolls and diffusing this bomb? No problem!

James Bond has done his homework. He knows that the very first step to solving any problem is getting the facts straight.

Senior care may seem a little pedestrian when compared to saving the world, but as any caregiver knows, it’s certainly not any easier. To make sure you choose the best senior care solution for your loved one, you’ve got to channel your inner 007 and do your homework.

What James Bond can teach you about senior care:

1. Identify Needs

As a spy, James Bond would pour over hours of intelligence before choosing a course of action. Your hunches won’t convince your loved one they need senior care. You have to sharpen your pencil and get the facts.

The trick to identifying senior care needs is that you have to use a pragmatic approach. This doesn’t mean you should try and silence your emotions, because you can’t. But, you do have to define a structured process for identifying needs. Use a checklist and review functional and health care issues. Remember, answering these questions critically is not the same as being critical. Don’t sugarcoat what you find.

2. Understand Your Options

007 was equally comfortable on land, sea or sky. After considering the adventure ahead, Bond would pick the option best suited for the task.

There are several options in senior care too, but unlike James Bond, your love one probably won’t be equally comfortable with each. That’s OK. Like any adventure, there’s a best option for their care. To find it, you’ve got to understand senior care alternatives. There are several in-home and residential options that range widely in care and price. Review them all, discuss the options with your family and loved one, then pick the best fit.

3. Take a Diplomatic Approach

Like all great spies, James Bond knows that diplomacy is always preferred over a fight. 007 would always try his hand at diplomacy before turning that hand into a fist. To the great relief of moviegoers, Bond’s diplomacy never worked. At the movies, we want to Bond in a car chase not a boardroom.

With our loved ones, we hope and pray the diplomatic approach works. Talking to your parents about senior care is never easy, but there are a few tips that can make it go smoothly. If you spend time preparing for the talk, you’ll be much more successful. Who should attend? When should you have the talk? Where? Remember, when talking to your parents about senior care, a small victory today can mean a great deal tomorrow.

At the end of every Bond movie, 007 catches the bad guy and gets the girl. If you follow his senior care teachings, you might not get tapped to be the next super-spy. But, you will have displayed enough wit and skillfulness to ride (or sail, or fly) off into the sunset as a senior care hero.

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